Date: 26th July 2017
Rotational Toy Rocking Horse Mould, Kids Toy Mould
Rotational toy rocking horse mould, kids toy mouldRocking horse?is a children""s toys, children will naturally ride, back and forth, not only to meet their activity demands, and make them have a positive and pleasant mood, so long to play tire.The impact of the baby rocking horse:1, we all know that the adult has 206 bones.A newborn with 305 block.So after three months of the baby should try to let her do more exercise.Easy to promote the baby movement function development.Rocking horse value lies in this.2, the sat rocking horse, can let the baby all bones in motion, so as to let the baby muscle tissue to obtain the balanced growth and development.Improve the baby""s movement function and development.3, rocking horse can also improve the baby""s coordinated ability.YI MAI ADVANTAGE:1, Yi Mai plastic mold factory nearly 10 years of mold manufacturing and product processing experience, professional manufacture various sizes of blow molding, rotational molding and injection mold,especially all kinds of blow molding die as I plant expertise,ensure the mold manufacturing products easy to fall off,no injuries.2, The whole design,control of mold manufacturing process,so that we can efficiently,and durability to complete the mold manufacturing.3, An independent new product development and design capabilities,R & D group members in UG,PROE,CAD and other design software editing drawings,and can be based on samples of finished mold design.4, Efficient open time,first-class production equipment and testing equipment,and the low cost of product assembly,so that domestic and foreign customers to gain competitive advantage.